Police Officer Reveals That BJP Workers Threw Beef at Temples

by Geetanjali Singh |
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BJP activists threw beef at a temple to disrupt peace says Revati Revankar, a police officer who recently resigned due to pressures from seniors on this issue. Before she resigned, she was suspended on the charge of “dereliction of duty”. She took her revenge on seniors by revealing secrets about the Bhaktal town.

According to her, a few local BJP leaders are involved in the incident of throwing beef at a temple to disrupt peace in the town. Revati Revankar was working on this case before she resigned, she accused some local BJP leaders who were trying to create a major communal riot in Bhaktal ahead of next assembly polls for political gains and she also added that some police officers were helping these leaders.


She made a complaint on that issue which led to harassment and constant threats from senior officers. When she spoke to media journalists, she rubbished all the allegation of dereliction of duty and said that her seniors didn’t allow her to discharge her duties honestly.

“The allegations against me are baseless. They were just waiting to suspend me from my duties” she said. See how this fraud BJP is acting these days, they are crossing the limits. We must act before its too late!

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