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Amit Shah Exposes Truth of Fake Promises by Narendra Modi

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Narendra Modi had promised a lot of advancements for the country before elections. He also promised to bring back all the black money that is outside the country in world banks.

He said that he will bring back all the money in the Swiss bank and all the other banks. He said he will distribute that money to all the people of India.

Just like any other promise he made, it was also just a lie to get votes from people. He made fools out of every citizen who voted for him. Modi said he will bring all the black money back to India several times in several campaign meetings.

BJP president Amit Shah himself said that Modi was lying to the people. He said bringing the black money to India and giving that to all the poor people is an empty promise.

Still, people elected Modi as the Prime Minister of India and got fooled by him.

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