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Jaya Bachchan Exposes Modi Govt, She Said, ‘You can protect cows, not women?’. She added that the BJP is government is busy protecting the cows. They can protect cows but can’t protect women.

It is noteworthy that the leader of BJP youth wing in West Bengal announced a reward of 11 lakh rupees to a person who will cut the head of Mamta Banerjee. BSP chief Mayawati, while criticizing the statement, said it is unfortunate to make such a statement against a woman chief minister. This is a serious issue and the BJP should not only condemn the statement, but also take action against those who make statements.

Jaya Bachchan Exposes Modi Govt, She Said, 'You can protect cows, not women?'Jaya said that there is a need to take stringent measures for the protection of women. In her speech, targeting BJP government she said that, “You can protect the cows while women are facing many issues. How can one bear this ? even when women are feeling insecure? Will you protect women like this?”

BJP’s Rupa Ganguly said that she was beaten by 17 people in front of a police personnel. She said, “The Chief Minister should answer it.” Along with Congress and SP, she also supported the Trinamool Congress on this issue and condemned the statement.

Congress Digvijay Singh, while expressing anger over the statement said that such statements have an impact on peace and communal harmony. He condemned the statement saying that the government should pay attention to it.

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