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Indore Farmer Gets Rs.1 For 20 Quintal Potatoes, Here’s The Bill

Farmers all over India are in misery as the potato prices crashed everywhere because of a bumper potato crop. 3 days ago, potato farmers protested against these extremely low prices and threw away many quintals of potatoes on the roads. People were shouting “Modi Sarkar, Haay Haay” mocking Modi’s government for the extremely low prices of potatoes.

Now this is just one part of the chaos, another part is a farmer in Ishwar Khedi village in Madhya Pradesh has received only Rs 1 for 50 sacks of potatoes he sold to Suman Trading Co. The bill of the sale was dated 23 February, 2017. The same farmer from Ishwar Khedi village received a net balance of -773 when he sold 108 sacks of potatoes to Sabri Aaaloo Company in Indore. This bill was dated 25th February, 2017.


Another farmer named Shekhar got Rs 10 for selling 41 sacks of potatoes. He sold his potatoes to Patidar Trading company in Indore. The bill of the sale is dated 15 February, 2017. Mainstream media is busy in covering Modi’s speeches in Uttar Pradesh and not even one news channel covered this dire state of potato farmers.

Source: Alt News

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