India Becomes Biggest Beef Exporter Under Modi Govt.

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India tops the chart for the beef export for the third consecutive year. India exports 18,00,000 Kg per month and over 21,600,000 Kg per year. This information is published by United States Department for Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Service and approved by approved by World Agricultural Outlook Board.


In October this year, the World Agricultural Outlook Board India will be top among the beef exporters in the World. “India will remain the top exporter as demand improves in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa”, stated in the American report forecast.

The US Agricultural Department says “India continues to expand on growing foreign demand. India’s Exports account for 48 per cent of production where Brazil’s production is only 18%. The report has surfaced when the incidents of attacks on smaller Indian communities are on rise.

The BJP supporters have been reportedly attacking Muslims, Dalits and other minority communities in India. The Hinduvata Nationalists attacks on Dalit youth has raised attention in the country. These so called “Cow Vigilantes” are breaking the law and acting as an Individual group. In their so called “Modi’s Government”, India has topped the charts in beef export for the past three years.

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