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Home Minister Rajnath Singh Thrashed by Public in Mau, Uttar Pradesh

Rajnath Singh recently addressed the people of Mau district to promote BJP in the Uttar Pradesh elections.

Many news channels are bombarded by the coverage of Rajnath Singh’s speech but the truth is there weren’t many people in the gathering. A news channel covered the reality behind the BJP’s Mau rally. The news channel showed how many people actually attended the rally. The reporter said that the rally grounds were empty and only some people attended the rally for Rajnath Singh’s speech who was about to arrive at the spot shortly.

The local leaders were talking about Prime Minister Yojana until Rajnath Singh arrives. There weren’t even BJP flags and banners in the rally grounds. The reporter was able to move around the rally grounds freely and he also said that the BJP ministers didn’t even arrange enough chairs for the people to sit. The people said that they were waiting for the arrival of Rajnath Singh for hours.


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