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Hoardings in Meerut; Chant ‘Yogi Yogi’ or leave Uttar Pradesh. This kind of hoardings have been put up across the town by the Hindu Yuva Vahini Meerut unit.

The Hoarding shown in the below image declares that people in the town should chant “Yogi Yogi” if they want to live in the town and indirectly indicates non-Yogi people to leave the city.

Hoardings in Meerut; Chant ‘Yogi Yogi’ or leave Uttar Pradesh
Hoarding in Meerut

The hoardings also include photograph of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Neeraj Sharma Panchali, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and also photograph of who claims to be the district unit chief of the youth brigade founded by Yogi Adityanath.

The hoardings have shown up in the area where senior administration and police officials lives, and also near the home of the District Commissioner.

Senior Superintendent of Police J Ravindra Gaur has asked for a detailed report in the matter from the local intelligence unit. He commented that, “Only after we get the report a case can be registered and action taken.”

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