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Video: Here’s a Latest Song to Say Goodbye Narendra Modi in 2019 !

Narendra Modi is called “Feku” by many people in the country who knows his wrong doings. He got “Feku” name by making fake promises and false publicity.

There is a song on the “Feku” in which all the mistakes and cruel acts Modi has done in the past are disclosed. The song starts from the false promises Modi had done to the farmers. Modi shows Gujarat as the most advanced state in the country but the truth is 1044 people have been killed in the Gujarat riots and Toxic wastes from factories destroyed the Sanand fields.

Then the song says about the poor conditions of roads in Gujarat when Modi was still CM of that state. A newspaper clipping shows Gujarat HC demanding the government to fix the roads. Modi had promised world-class roads to Gujarat but the existing roads are not even proper.

The video then concentrates on Gujarat riots. A newspaper snippet shows HC of Gujarat demanding the state government to produce original registers that contained crucial records but it was reported that state government destroyed those files. It shows how Modi uses his power to cover up his mistakes.

Here’s video for Modi’s Farewell:-

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