Hema Malini of BJP and Her High Voltage Drama, Have a Look

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Hema Malini is an actress who became a BJP MP with 2014 elections. Everyone knows Hema Malini as a good actress and as a BJP MP but this video reveals her true face. In the video it can be seen that Hema Malini in a helicopter. After getting off the helicopter, Hema Malini is taken to a car by her staff.

She then complains that the car is ‘small’ and says that she doesn’t want to travel in it, she demanded a more expensive car.She didn’t even sit in that car, she stood in the sun until her staff brought a bigger and expensive car. After getting into the car, she asks one of her followers where they are taking her to and demands them there will be no ‘roadshow’.

The staff agrees to it and Hema Malini goes away in the car. She acts like a child and shows her power over the others. Hema Malini started her career as an actress and entered politics in the year 1999.

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शेयर करें

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