The public sector banks decided to charge Rs 150 after four free transactions a month. India’s second largest private sector bank HDFC has released an updated list of charges to be imposed on transactions effective from March 1, 2017.

These charges will be applies to savings as well as salary accounts as well effective from Wednesday, said the HDFC bank officials in a statement. The transaction from a non home branch won’t be charged if less than Rs 25,000, Rs 5 will be charged per thousand there on. At a home branch, customers can withdraw money up to Rs 2 lakh without paying the extra fee but above the mentioned cash limit, Rs 5 per thousand is imposed.

ICICI bank decided to not to change the charges and they are same as they were before the demonetization announced on Novenmber 8. ICICI also doesn’t charge for the first four transactions and follows the same scheme as HDFC bank charging Rs 5 per thousand after RS 25,000.

Axis bank took a step further and gave the first five transactions for free and follows the same for charging after the limit has reached.

Source:- India Today

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