Babu Bajrangi was one of the main conspirators of Gujarat 2002 riots. He was a local Bajrang Dal leader. Someone tricked him to talk about the actions and crimes he committed in the name of riots. “They were clinging to each other in a pit. Then we threw in oil and burning tyres and killed them,” he said while explaining how he involved in killings.

He explains these actions as if their deaths were a joke. Babu calls Narendra Modi a God, which links Modi to these riots. When asked about the situation of children, Babu said that they didn’t show any mercy to them and killed them.

“Slash them, kill them and burn them. It’s what we did irrespective of gender and age of the victims,” he said. When asked about if they ever failed in killing Muslims, he explained how a powerful Muslim leader rescued all the local Muslims by letting them into his compound which was heavily guarded by armed men. “After killing Muslims, I felt like Maharana Pratap,” he said.

By the information given by Babu, Police supported rioters and helped them to kill Muslims. To justify this, Babu told about an incident where they dragged a Muslim out of the Police Jeep and Police told him to kill the Muslim.

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