VIDEO:- GST Will Be a Failure, It’ll Affect Indians Very Badly Said Modi in 2013

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Narendra Modi’s government has decided to implement GST for consumer goods. BJP government claims that this will benefit Indians.

When Narendra Modi was still a Chief Minister of Gujarat, he said that GST is bad for Indian economy. “GST will be a failure. It will affect people all over the country” said Narendra Modi when he was still the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

BJP party is now in the government, it praises GST and wants to implement it. Narendra Modi has rejected GST when he was in opposition and his government is implementing it now.

GST will have huge impact on students as the tax on services offered by higher education systems will attract 18% GST levy.

Educational institutions buy services like security, transportation, catering and housekeeping from third-party service providers which will reflect in higher fees.

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