Good News, FIR Loged by Bengal Police Against Sudhir Chaudhary for Irresponsible Reporting

by Geetanjali Singh |
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Sudhir Chaudary is a Senior editor at Zee News. In his Facebook post he said Mamata Banerjee had an FIR was filed against him along with Zee News reporter Pooja Mehta and a cameraman Tanmay Mukherjee.

He said it was because they had covered Dhulagarh Riots on Zee News. He also said that the FIR has non bailable sections. He said “It’s another low point in our democracy to see a democratically elected govt using police force to curb media in an effort to suppress uncomfortable facts and reality. When you can’t manage media, use the state machinery to conquer the media only to conceal the failures of your administration. It shows the intolerance of a chief minister who is using the state machinery as her personal fiefdom and acting like a feudal lord.” in his post.

He is gaining sympathy from public by using the name of a young woman reporter. He says “Pooja Mehta is just 25 and got the taste of Mamata’s intolerance”.

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