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We Have Given Broadband Connections in All Villages in India, Says Modi

वायरल इन इंडिया संवाददाता -
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Narendra Modi had promised many advancements in the country before the elections. He promised that there will be peace between India and Pakistan and economic development in country.

One of his fake publicity stunt is he said that he provided broadband connection to many villages in Gujarat but it was false. He said this in January 18th, 2013 but the Gujarat State Government joined hands with BSNL to provide Broadband connections to villages in April, 2013. He lied to the people even about the Broadband service! Such a fake politician.

Here’s what he is saying:

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Modi never kept his promises and never showed any advancement in the country. Tensions between the borders rise and Modi bought nothing to the country but a huge travel bill. He embarrassed himself at various occasions. In the meeting with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Modi pulled Mark forcefully to pose a picture with him.

Modi always tries to make publicity and no work.

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