ETV caught red handed showing Yogi Provides Electricity 25 Hours per day

ETV caught red handed for overpraising Yogi. Yogi become the new CM, whatever the claim about the electricity have been proven false, and the reality is that twenty-four hours electricity for the people of UP is no less than any dream.

The rubbish management of the province has been a major obstacle in the way of this exercise.  In addition to providing power to the Yogi government, there is a challenge to make a qualitative improvement in the system.

25 Hours electricity provided by Yogi govt:-

ETV caught red handed for overpraising Yogi

It is said that in the mainstream media, love for Modi and Yogi has increased so much that besides this there is no other leader of another party in the country. At present, people have raised serious objection against ETV on social media.

They believe that instead of giving priority to providing electricity for twenty-four hours, it should be taken into account that those who do not have electricity, they should be given electricity first.

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