This Chart Perfectly Explains the Hollow Promises of Narendra Modi !

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Narendra Modi sure has promised a lot of advancements in the country before elections. He made those promises before elections to get people to vote for him.

He promised 2 crore jobs every year but in 2015 he took 2 crore people out of their employment. He promised that there will be Rs 15 lakh in everyone’s account but there is not even a single penny till date. He also promised economical advancements to the country.

He said that inflation will leave India but now the Dal costs Rs 200/Kg. He also threatened Pakistan that there will be serious consequences if they interfere in the border but he instead sent birthday wishes for Sharif. Modi also promised that the petrol prices will decrease but instead he increased the petrol prices during the demonetization scheme kicked in.

He also promised that the rupee value will be strong than before but the rupee value is almost Rs 70 opposed to 1 USD now thanks to Modi’s demonetization scheme. In 2014, before Modi assumed the office as Prime Minister the rupee value was Rs 58 opposed to 1 USD.

What he promised, and what he delivered:-

शेयर करें