Case registered against BJP Leader Hazarilal Dangi and his three wives

Case registered against Hazarilal Dangi and his three wives, arrest warrant issued. The BJP Government is surrounded by several issues in Madhya Pradesh.

The court has given order to register case against purchase of land belonging to Scheduled Caste people in Khilchipur (Rajgarh M.P.) to Hajrilal Dangi and his three wives.

MLA Hajari Lal Dangi got the name of himself and his 3 wives on the land of the village people of Botawada Dalit society, without getting the land on government lease and without collector’s permission.

Hazarilal Dangi is a BJP legislator who is just 12th pass. He is having three wives and property of more than Rs. 3 Crores.

In the election manifesto, the legislator has given information of three wives or not, it is a matter of investigation. Under the Hindu Marriage Act, there is the right to have one wife only. Even if this information has been hidden, then the difficulty of the MLA will increase.

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