Suicide Note: BK Bansal Commits Suicide, Names Amit Shah in His Suicide Note

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CBI’s anti-corruption wing officers are fighting among themselves instead of waging a nation wide war against corruption. According to insider’s information DIG and SP level officers don’t talk to each other.

DIG Sanjeev Gautam and SP Anish Prasad of CBI anti-corruption wing are standing against each other due to clashes. Modi’s government appointed DIG Sanjeev Gautam and SP Anish Prasad to fight against the corruption. Sanjeev Gautam is considered close to of BJP President Amit Shah.

This created confusion among junior level officers where they were given no guide-lined work. Sources in CBI said that, DIG Sanjeev Gautam doesn’t even care what his senior Joint Director Anurag Garg. All these action resulted in instability in the anti-corruption wing. To please Amit Shah, CBI raided Arvind Kejriwal’s Principal Secretary Rajendra Kumar.


Gautam shares a good relation with former CBI Director Ranjeet Sinha, which got him promoted in Modi’s Government. The CBI is one of the reputed government bodies but due to its recent activities it started to lose its credibility. This is due to activities of officials such as Sanjeev Gautam.

After raiding Kejriwal’s Prinicipal secretary Rajendra Kumar in Delhi the Central Government was not happy with its performance.

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