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BJP Worker and Modi Bhakt Calls Army Officer “A Pig”

Few days ago an Indian Army jawan has posted a video explaining the quality of the food that was provided to them by the government.

He said that the food which they were provided is not good enough to support the soldiers to work all day. A B.S.F army officer is the one behind the eye opening video. He said they were only given tea and a parantha as breakfast and for lunch they were given a roti with turmeric powder.

He explained this situation with utmost dignity and respect towards both the government and the country. A Facebook page named “Priyank Shah BJP” had posted a post criticizing the army officer who posted the video. In the post, they said “BSF army officer tej bahadur is a pig. how can he question our beloved pm modi, he is doing best work day and night. these pigs should join pak army, india is not for them.” This was what exactly the page posted.

Here’s the proof:-

From this post we can understand that these Bhakts are blind followers of Modi, just like a bunch of sheep.

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