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BJP leader’s terror in Madhya Pradesh, policeman beaten with kicks.  A BJP leader and his family members have been caught in the camera at Guna District in Madhya Pradesh. Together they were beating a policeman by in the police control room. It can be seen clearly in the video as well.

BJP leader's terror in Madhya Pradesh, policeman beaten with kicks

In the town, Three girls of Raghuvanshi family were driving scooter without helmets; all three were on same vehicle. During checking, the policeman stopped them and took them to the police control room. As the news of this reached to BJP leader Rajiv Raghuvanshi who turned out be a family member of these girls, Rajiv reached the police control room with the force.

The policemen were trying to calm the leader, but his family beat a policeman. The other policemen present on the spot saved their partner but with great difficulty. On the other hand, the member of the BJP MLA’s family started teaching the law to the police.

Watch the video to see the felony in of BJP’s MLA and his family in Guna, Madhya Pradesh.

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