BJP leader promised to lower price of beef in Meghayala

BJP leader promised to lower price of beef. In Meghalaya a BJP leader promised that, ‘If the party comes to power, beef will be cheaper’.

The central government has banned the sale of beef and prohibited the slaughter-house, BJP leaders in Meghalaya are promising to the public that if they win elections, they will make beef available at a lower cost.BJP leader promised to lower price of beef

BJP leader Bernard Marak said on Monday that, “If the BJP comes to power in 2018, then beef will not be banned. Rather, a proper rate of meat will be fixed and slaughterhouses will be legally recognized, which will reduce the prices of goat and other meat.

He also added that, ” Many BJP leaders in Meghalaya eat beef. In cities like Meghalaya, there is no question of banning beef. In Meghalaya, BJP leaders know very well about the historical background and constitutional provisions of the hill areas. ”

Meghalaya will have assembly elections next year. Watch the video to know in more detail.

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