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BJP Leader Pankaja Munde’s Threat Audio Goes viral

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Pankaja Munde is a minister of Rural Development of Maharastra. She was allegedly involved in a scam of flouting norms by clearing the purchase without floating tenders.


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Munde allegedly threatened a priest of the popular temple. Audio clips are circulating on social media which can be heard making veiled threats to the priest of a popular temple in her constituency. The temple’s head priest denied the minister’s permission to deliver a speech at an annual celebration held on Dusshera in Bhagwangad. It is the most important place of religious worship for the Vanjari community.

BJP मंत्री का ऑडियो वायरल- बोलीं, मेरी इतनी हैसियत है कि मैं पूरे गाँव के लोगों को खरीद सकती हूँ !

The priest said that the occasion can no longer be used for politics. Munde’s father used to give political messages at the temple during the occasion. Ten days before the audio clips went viral, Ms. Munde’s supporters and priests clashed with each other. In the audio clips, it can be clearly heard Ms. Munde warning priests and saying that she will file fake cases against them.

Dhananjay Munde, a local opposition leader responded to the audio clip by saying “this is the blatant abuse of power by the minister and she should be removed immediately from her post.”

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