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BJP Leader Manish Sharma Arrested With 33 Lakh New Notes

A BJP minister was arrested in Kolkata on Tuesday with new notes worth 33 lakh. He tried to exchange old notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 that were demonetized.

He was caught when he was trying to exchange a large quantity of old notes. Sharma was arrested along with six other people who were exchanging the notes. Manish Sharma was caught by a special task force from the Raniganj coal belt of West Bengal and has been sent to police custody. When he was caught with the money, the police also found seven fire arms along with 89 rounds of bullets.


The police also found new notes 2000 worth ten lakhs from Sharma’s car. Among the people who were arrested, one of them was local don Rajesh Jha aged 46. Rajesh Jha was arrested twice in June and July in the cases related to fake currency and a murder.

The state BJP minister Dilip Ghosh said that Sharma was with the BJP for only a few months and he was given the responsibility to manage Raniganj. Dilip Ghosh also said that Manish’s party membership was suspended.

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