BJP MLA’s Wife Runs After Hitting Her 5 crore Lambo to an Auto

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BJP MLA named Narendra Mehta, gifted his wife Suman a safforn Lamborghini. He gifted it to her on August 27th in occasion of her birthday. She rammed the car into an auto rickshaw which was parked in her trial run.

Eye Witnesses claim that Suman lost control over the car in Seven Eleven Academy, Bhayandar when she was making a turn then she hit the auto rickshaw with her car. The auto ricksahaw was parked and thankfully no one was in the auto rickshaw. The MLA rushed to spot and paid the damages that were done to.


The MLA rushed to spot and paid the damages that were done to auto rickshaw. Suman didn’t step out of the car when the angry driver confronted her. Narendra Mehata announced his gift to his wife in social media.

After the incident Narendra posted that his wife has 18 years of experience in driving and also mentioned that she had experience in driving Audi and many other luxury cars. The car had T/R registration when it hit the auto. This happened near school premises and the car is still in the school’s premises.

The average salary of an MLA is below 1 Lakh.  Just saying.

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शेयर करें

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