Bhopal Court Issues Arrest Warrant Against BJP Leader Uma Bharti

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Bhopal’s Chief Justice Magistrate court issued a bailable warrant to Uma Bharati in the defamation case filed by Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh.

CJM Bhu Bhaskar Yadav issued the arrest warrant as Uma Bharati failed to appear in the court after repeated summons by the court. Digvijaya Singh, former chief minister of Madhya Pradesh has given his statement in court and Bharati failed to appear in the court.


Digvijaya Singh filed a defamation case against Uma Bharati when she alleged that Digvijaya Singh was involved in a scam of 1,500 crore rupees when he was serving as Cheif Minister of MP.

This case has been running for more than a decade. Uma Bharati’s lawyer had filed for a settlement but it didn’t come through. After this Digvijaya Singh recorded his statements in the court while Uma Bharati didn’t even attended the court once. Digvijaya Singh said that he would take back the case only if Bharati apologises him for the ‘baseless allegations’ she made against Digvijaya Singh. He said that Uma Bharati wouldn’t be able to prove a corruption of 15 rupees against him.

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