After Beef Ban, BJP Now Wants Ban on Momos and Chatni

by Geetanjali Singh |
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Every Indian has at least a fast food item in his list of favorite dishes. Momos are one of the most loved fast foods in the country. They not just tasty but their availability also makes them popular among Indians.

Momos give a tough competition to the traditional Indian snack samosa. Particularly the youth is attracted to the momos among all other age groups. Recently some politicians opened about their opinion on momos.

Ramesh Arora, a BJP MLC from Jammu & Kashmir said momos are the root cause of several life threatening diseases including cancer of the intestine”. The BJP government has imposed several bans such as beef ban, porn ban and ban on sale of cattle for slaughter.

BJP legislator Ramesh who declares war on Momos

The reason for the ban given by Ramesh Arora is momos have Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) which is also called ajinomoto and is used for increasing the taste of food items.

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