Watch Video: Bar Girl Dancing in ‘Sanskari’ BJP campaign for MCD Elections

There is a video going which is going viral on YouTube as well as other social media websites which shows Bar girl dancing in BJP campaign for MCD Elections among a group of men with BJP flag in the background. It was said to be the part of campaigning for the April 25 municipal elections.

The women is dancing on a Bollywood song and people present  there are taking video of the women in their mobile devices. The video seems to have shot in night due to less lighting. It can be seen in the video that, few mens are giving her currency notes of high amount.

It is said that the video was reportedly taken at a gathering organized under North Delhi Municipal Corporation where the BJP workers and residents were present.

A BJP leader said it seems to be a mischief by other parties to damage the image of the party and the candidates of the party before the elections.

President of minority wing of the Delhi BJP Atif Rashid said that he is not aware of any such video. Jai Prakash, Delhi BJP vice-president also said he has no information about the clip. One of the BJP leader said that He will inquire about the video. Here is the video, Have a look at it to know the truth.

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