VIDEO:-BJP Leader Babu Lal Gaur Puts His Hand on Women’s Butt

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Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Babulal Gaur created a huge controversy again. This time the octogenarian politician was caught on camera inappropriately touching a woman’s back when she was climbing a bus.

This video went viral and has evoked sharp reactions from the political leaders and in social media. The Congress and AAP burning effigy of Gaur demanding action. Gaur had stirred many controversies in the past which involved sexist remarks on rape.

He said “rapist don’t tell police before committing crime” and “rape is a social crime, sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s wrong.” He was caught on a video on Thursday morning when he was about to flag off a “low-floor” city bus in BHEL area.

Gaur asked woman workers who attended the event to climb the bus and take seat. When the women were climbing the bus, Gaur touched one of the woman at an inappropriate place. There were no immediate reaction to the incident as no one including the woman hasn’t made any objections.


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