Anupam Kher Was Abusing Manmohan on Terrorism, But Why He’s Silent on Modi?

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ANUPAM KHER who is a famous Bollywood Superstar and also tagged as Actor/Author/Teacher/Motivational Speaker/ Social Worker. Here is a scenario where Anupam Kher is indirectly thrashing Modi and criticizing him.


We were getting friendly with his tweets and found a tweet which perfectly suits Mr. Modi and it shows “What Anupam Kher thinks about PM Modi?”. People of India made Narendra Modi their “Prime Minister Modi” as before the election PM Modi did some vague promises that “Like Gujarat, I will make India and I will remove corruption from India”. These types of promises Modi do before PM seat and also he said: “India me Pakistan Ke Antakwad Ko rokne ke Liye Delhi walo (Congress) ko Kare Kadam Uthane chahiye”.

For that promises, people made Modi to PM Modi but now where is that Modi.

Let’s see how Anupam Kher Indirectly thrashed him with his tweets, in this Anupam was abusing Manmohan Singh on terrorism but now he’s silent on Modi Govt ? Why? –

“Once there was an honest man. He was made PM by his party. Then he became weak. Then he became silent. Now he is redundant” – 2013, During Cong Govt.

This tweet was posted on 27 December 2013 by Anupam Kher and now people understanding the meaning of those lines because of recent terrorist attack on Soldiers in Uri on 18th September makes people very angry and people asking questions to Modi “Why you are not taking any action after all attacks”, “Why you are silent” and “Where is that promises”.

Narendra Modi before the election said that India should have a Strong Act for Human Rights and after his party won he seems to forget his own words. It looks like Narendra Modi did fake promises.

Why are you silent Mr Anupam Kher?

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