Video: Anti romeo bhakt caught molesting women; beaten with sleepers

Anti Romeo bhakt caught molesting women; beaten with sleepers. A guy who call him self-member of Anti Romeo was caught molesting women. He was beaten publicly by the people out there as well as women present at the location also beaten him.

A so-called “Bhakt” was harassing women. His action of molesting women was caught by the people present at the location at that moment. First, he spoke in raised his tone and started arguments with them. He started speaking in an angry language with the people present there.

People present at the location stopped him but he continued speaking in anger and also spoke bad words. Then people present there started beating him for harassing women. All the women who were present there also started beating him for molesting few of them and they beat him with sleepers.

To know in more detail about how the Anti Romeo bhakt was caught and by he was beaten by women; Have a look at the video.

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