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Watch How Amit Shah’s Convoy Attacked by Patidars, Eggs Thrown At Shah!

BJP president Amit Shah’s convoy was attacked by Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti members with eggs. This incident happened near Keshod town of Junagadh on Monday midnight.

Amit Shah was along with other BJP ministers when the convoy was attacked with eggs. They were going towards Somnath ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit on Wednesday.

The sources stated that over a dozen PAAS members had gathered near Sondarda village on the bypass road and threw eggs when the BJP convoy was passing through Sondarda village. One of the PAAS member threw eggs at the vehicles and the others started doing the same.

Although they weren’t sure if any of the eggs hut Shah’s car but they said it was their way of protesting against the ruling BJP in the state. Patidar community members across Gujarat are seeking reservation under OBC category. They earlier created disturbances in Surat last year during a public meeting where Shah was to address.

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