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Watch What Arvind Kejriwal Said on Sandeep Kumar Issue

Arvind Kejriwal spoke about removing a cabinet minister Sandeep Kumar from the AAP party. Kejriwal said that he received a CD which contains the video which recorded the misuse of power by Sandeep Kumar. He said that the party decided to remove Sandeep Kumar right after watching the video. Kejriwal made a video on this today and shared it in social media.

Kejriwal said that he was sad after watching that video, he said that he trusted Sandeep Kumar. AAP said that they will take action on Sandeep after a meeting. Arvind Kejriwal made it clear today that he will not tolerate anyone who misuses their power and will remove them right after knowing their wrong doings.


In the past, AAP removed 4 leaders of their party who were corrupt. In the video he said that unlike other political parties he never tried to justify the actions of corrupt party members. He even said why he removed the other four party members. “Even if the party was to die, we will not support corruption” he said.

Meanwhile other parties are trying to save their party members, Kejriwal removed the corrupt leaders from their party.

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