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Video: Kejriwal spoke on EVM scandal in Madhya Pradesh and Exposed BJP

Recently Arvind Kejriwal visited Madhya Pradesh. Kejriwal spoke on EVM scandal in Madhya Pradesh and Exposed BJP. EVMs have been questioned after the results of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand elections.

Against EVM scams, the opposition has continued to protest against it in the entire country. In such a situation, a recent video was viral, when the EVM was tested for the elections in the Madhya Pradesh block, it was a surprising result. In fact, whenever any button was pressing, VVPAT was giving the slip of the BJP’s name.

Election commissioner’s officer Salina Singh was also present for the EVM’s testing at that time and she had threatened journalists by saying that if this news goes in the media she will arrest them and will put them in jail.

Now, Arvind Kejriwal has raided the EVM scam in Madhya Pradesh. He called a press conference and said that, “we are saying this again and again that, This is EVM machine that is being manipulated at large level and the incident of tomorrow has come out, it is an incurable incident.”

Arvind Kejriwal alsoadded that that is not the first case of the EVM scandal, the incidents of EVMs have emerged from many places even before. Watch the video to know more about which proof he gave and how he exposed BJP.


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