Why Kejriwal is Promoting Airtel, Know the Reality Behind this Viral Pic

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Arvind Kejriwal participated in an Airtel Delhi Half Marathon run to  help underprivileged children. Konica Minolta Business solutions have also participated in this marathon and said that it will provide assistance as a CSR initiative with the help of Smile Foundation.

There has been a stir in the news and social media that Arvind Kejriwal was promoting Airtel Network but in the reality, he was participating in that Marathon to help underprivileged children.A specific set of News channels targeted this news and are busy bashing Kejriwal. Smile Foundation works towards providing education to underprivileged children, children with rare disabilities and to poor children.

This foundation aspires to raise money which would help the campaign Send Every Child to School programme. Mr. Yuji Nakata, Managing director of Konica Minolta said: “Konica Minolta has always believed in supporting children, who are our next-generation leaders”.

Konica Minolta Business Solutions focuses on making printing materials, measuring materials, multi-functional peripherals, and health-care devices.

शेयर करें