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Arvind Kejriwal Can be Next Prime Minister of India

Narendra Modi should be considered as a happy-go-lucky fellow to win the elections with little to no effort. Everything just went well for him, Rivals in his own party fell out of the way, Investigations on Gujarat riots met legal dead-ends and the Congress was digging its own grave during the election time in 2014.

Modi found luck until a stubborn common man came into the rising to go head-on with him in the elections. Arvind Kejriwal founded AAP party and competed in elections. Although Kejriwal had low chances of winning the elections, he fought until the end and became the Cheif Minister of New Delhi.


No one but Kejriwal can go head-on, word to word with Modi because the Congress had Rahul Gandhi and others are silent. The Dalits, Muslims, Adivasis doesn’t see BJP as a party they could trust because of its past actions, that’s when AAP came into play.

Congress was so weak during election time and people weren’t able to find an alternative for BJP until AAP appeared on the election play. Kejriwal seemed to be a stable option for all the Minorities and to Ideal youth to vote and he proved himself to be a stable politician the perfect rival for the ruling party.

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