Watch How Kejriwal Becomes “Singham” and Trolls Modi !

Arvind Kejriwal is known for his ability to go head on with our current Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Kejriwal gave tough time to Narendra Modi during 2014 elections.

It was the first time AAP participated in elections and in the first time AAP gave tough competition to BJP in the 2014 elections. Arvind Kejriwal made Narendra Modi to run for the Prime Minister seat. Modi won the elections by making false promises to people and by forming alliances with many local parties.

Here’s a Funny video of Arvind V/S Modi Team:-

Modi had to use all his influence to win the elections, whereas Kejriwal didn’t use any kind of influence and he was truthful to his voters. Kejriwal didn’t made any false promises. But the fate didn’t favor Kejriwal and Narendra Modi won the election, Kejriwal was elected as Cheif Minister of Delhi.

Even though Modi won the elections, Kejriwal didn’t gave up by pointing out the mistakes made by the Modi’s government. Kejriwal kept reminding the people of the promises Modi made during elections. BJP is a very old and powerful party but Kejriwal made them run with his ideals.

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