See How BJP Is Missuing Other Departments of Indian Govt !

वायरल वीडियो: यूपी में भाजपा को वोट न दे

Narendra Modi and his team BJP always try to publicize themselves, for that they go to any extreme. Some of the common examples are fixing news interviews, paid media, boasting about themselves in public meetings for the things they have not done.

Delhi Cheif Minister Arvind Kejriwal demanded a video as a proof for surgical strikes on terrorists. When the BJP provided it, the whole party started mocking him in social media. The “Bhakts” found their entertainment for that day and started mocking Kejriwal in social media.

Arvind Kejriwal hasn’t spoke a word after the video release, BUT Indian Post office official account posted the following tweet “@ArvindKejriwal you have failed us big time Mr. Kejriwal, for you petty political gains you can become headlines for Pakistani press.” After sometime on the same day, India Post apologized Kejriwal for the tweet saying “Account hacked and some negative message @ArvindKejriwal has been posted. We sincerely apologies for inconvenience @manojsinhabjp @rsprasad”.

Here’s what they tweeted:- 

This is how BJP’s publicity works. They use cheap tricks and misuses government twitter handles for personal gains, and this is not the first time, they did it before also.

Dear Shameless Modi govt, STOP Misusing other handles of Govt.

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